After determining the type of services you need you will need to locate the appropriate Missouri Highlands Health Care Center nearest you. Then contact us by phone to schedule an appointment.

All Missouri Highlands Health Care Centers accept patients regardless of payer. If uninsured or underinsured and approved for the Sliding Fee Scale, fees are based on household size and income.

Planning For Your Visit

Making an Appointment Except in urgent situations, we would like you to call several days ahead for an appointment. Preventive care, such as family planning, well-child exams and physicals, are usually scheduled two to three weeks in advance. If you need an appointment on the same day, please call early in the morning. We will do the best we can to see you.

To help us give you the right kind of appointment, please tell the receptionist enough information about your medical concern.
NOTE: Since we do not provide child care services, if you are bringing children who do not have an appointment, please bring someone along to care for your children during your appointment. Our staff cannot take this responsibility.