CEO Message- Catalyst for Change

February 9, 2021

Catalyst for Change

“One day is all it takes to change the course of our lives. Actually, it comes down to one moment…that moment when you decide the status quo does not serve you any longer.
My mom was either 47 or 48 when it happened to her. A kidney stone diagnosis landed her in the hospital and the attending physician looked at her and asked how long she had been a diabetic. She gave him a blank stare, seeking comprehension of what he was telling her. In the weeks following, she made some major life changing decisions that affected not only her health but our family’s as well.
Like many, she placed herself last when it came to care. Realization hit that if she didn’t change, the future would not be as she imagined. She just turned 86 and after nearly 4 decades of managing the disease process she is still thriving, even if there were a few complications along the way. She didn’t do it perfectly, but she did it consistently, focused on the goal of health so that she could live a productive life with her family.
When I sit in clinics and listen to the discussions about the struggles our patients and our staff are undergoing, the thought always hits me…when will their moment of change happen? When will each of us take a pause and realize things can be different? Whether that change involves education, exercise, nutrition, organization, attitude improvement or emotional growth, it only takes one moment to make change a priority. Taking a page from my mom’s playbook, it doesn’t have to be perfect, just do something every day to achieve your goals.
My moment came after the first of the year. During 2020, I had stopped living intentionally each day, my focus had shifted to finding viable solutions for the COVID pandemic for Missouri Highlands and for my family. While noble as that may sound, it was like trying to capture water with a dip net and stress ensued. Exercise, housework, nutrition, Bible study and many other things fell to the wayside in my pursuit of a solution and subsequent struggles when none existed. Sound familiar to anyone else?
Solution – a harsh slap of reality as I climbed on the scale and then looked at the baskets of laundry coupled with a stern self-talk and a healthy dose of “stop your whining, girl” life is more than this. My January wasn’t perfect…I still had a week of M&M’s as a solution to the crisis. But there’s progress as I’ve hit at least 3 days of exercise each week and more veggies than chocolate. I actually read a book or two and am taking some time to refocus energy into what actually needs my attention.
What was your moment that served as a catalyst? Or are you still waiting on it? How can we empower those we come in contact with each day to find their strength? That next patient, our team members, our community – who needs us to be there, to be a productive part of their life? Let’s seek to live this life fully, no matter what crisis is before us.”- Karen White, CEO