CEO Message – Life is Not Fair – Resilient People in Action

July 7, 2020

Tears. Again. The look of trust lost…again. We have all been there & this time the sting of disappointment hurt more. “That’s not fair, Momma!” Maive wailed at me as we talked about canceled school & canceled plans – again. In her short 7 years, my happy girl had to once again process through the disappointment brought on by big life events – events out of our control.

Suddenly it hit me…that’s the problem each one of us are facing. Events out of our control. Life isn’t an equation where A+B+C = D. This year it equaled Z. As essential workers, long hours in uncomfortable conditions balanced against ever changing child/family care needs, safety concerns at home/store/work and the big unknowns. Is that person contagious in line in front of me? What if the PPE doesn’t come? How long will this last?

Despite the challenges, each day I see resiliency in action. While family & friends “enjoy” a 2-3 month stay-cation, we work long & hard days, focusing on survival to the point that on more than one occasion the exhaustion gives way to tears then hysterical laughter. And if you’re like me, your house looks like a train wreck. Yet there is no bitterness, just an overwhelming frustration that things should be different. Different in the world & different at Missouri Highlands. I can’t control the world but I can make some changes here, I can make some changes starting with me. And I challenge each of you to do the same – to rise above the unknowns & the events out of our control – focus on the things we can control.

Life is not fair. And that’s okay because on the other side are better days. Rural folks like us are resilient, we have to be to live here. I am so proud of the work my team does each day, so proud to represent each of them because I know their hearts and the compassion they have for our patients.

-Karen White, CEO
Missouri Highlands Health Care