December 28, 2020


“The other evening, I was handed a calendar by an area business. It was one of my favorites that had the moon signs showing when to plant or fish or wean a calf or a kid for that matter…lol! It made me recall times growing up when my parents would turn the calendar page to a new month and it was just such a clean slate. There weren’t notes written or appointments to remember. It was a fresh start and when I was tall enough to reach it, how I looked forward to turning that page like a new month couldn’t happen without that calendar being changed.
We all need clean slates and fresh starts. We need the anticipation of new months and new seasons, with the curiosity of what each will hold. This year will hold some challenges and we need to have solutions for them. Let’s not see the world as problem ridden but instead see it with fresh eyes which seek solutions for the benefit of all of our stakeholders, not just from our own viewpoint.
For 2021, my wish for you is to seek those things that bring you awe and wonder. Stay curious about what each new day holds just as we were as children. Solutions for those who depend on us reside in each of us if we can just approach them with anticipation & new perspectives.”
– Karen White, CEO
Missouri Highlands Health Care