Health Insurance Marketplace Open Enrollment Begins Sunday, November 1st

October 30, 2015
The Health Insurance Marketplace Open Enrollment begins this Sunday, November 1st! Missouri Highlands Health Care has 2 Certified Application Counselors on staff to provide FREE services to any and all individuals that are interested in enrolling in the Marketplace. Sheila and Shelley are available for consultations and to help navigate consumers through the entire enrollment process. 
Sheila Ruble- Iron, Reynolds & Wayne Counties
Mondays & Fridays- Iron County Medical Clinic 573-546-0213
Tuesday & Wednesday- Ellington Family Clinic & Viburnum by appointment- 573-663-2504
Thursdays- Annapolis Family Clinic 573-598-4213
Shelley Meyers- Carter, Ripley, Butler & Shannon Counties
Missouri Highlands Medical Clinic & Poplar Bluff Career Center Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 573-785-73264
Thursdays- Big Springs Medical Clinic 573-323-4253
Naylor & Eminence by appointment