September 15, 2017


If Congress fails to take action by September 30, health center funding will drop by 70%. It is critical that every health center board member, employee, patient, and supporter take action and GET LOUD.

Please take a stand and help Missouri Highlands Health Care TAKE ACTION!

Ways to help: 

Join the National Health Center Advocacy Network’s social media campaign at

Call your Members of Congress. Dial 1-(866) 456-3949 and enter your zip code to be connected to your Members! 

Directions for the Advocacy Hotline:

Dial 1-866-456-3949, listen to the Health Center message prompt and enter your zip code to be connected to your Members of Congress.

The system will give you options for which Member of Congress to connect with – you may press option 1, 2 or 3, each corresponding to a different Member.

Make sure to call the Advocacy Hotline 3 times in order to select and connect with each Member of Congress – see messaging below for calls to Senators and Representatives!

Congressional Call Script – Fix the Health Center Funding Cliff

Hi, my name is _________, I’m calling as a __patient/board member/staff member, supporter____ of __Health Center Name__ in ___town____. I’m calling today because I’m extremely concerned that Congress still hasn’t taken action to fix the Health Center Funding Cliff. Without action by September 30th the Health Center Program will lose 70% of Program funding – this would be a devastating cut. My Health Center and my community cannot afford to take this kind of hit; there are literal lives and jobs at stake.

For Calls to your Representative: I’m asking Representative _______ to co-sponsor HR 3770, the CHIME Act being led by Rep. Stefanik – this bill calls for a 5-year extension to Health Center funding. Can I count on the Congressman/woman to co-sponsor?

For Calls to your Senators: I’m asking Senator ________ to co-sign the Blunt-Stabenow Health Center Cliff letter requesting action to fix the cliff before September 30th. The deadline to co-sign the letter is September 18th. Can I count on the Senator to co-sign?

Thanks for taking the time to talk with me today – I’m counting on the Senator/Representative to act to fix the Health Center Funding Cliff before the end of the month.