Success Story

May 8, 2019

Success Story!

Recently a Missouri Highlands Health Care patient successfully completed a court ordered 12-week Anger Management course for Substance Abuse/ Mental Health. This patient had previously been unsuccessful with two separate health care facilities and this was his last chance to complete the program.

During the course of this program, Missouri Highlands Health Care not only helped this patient finish this course, but also assisted this patient obtain housing.  Additionally, during this time the patient underwent hospitalization for dehydration. This coordinated effort through the work of two Missouri Highlands’ clinics working together assisted this patient into success!

Johnny Miller, CRADC, one of Missouri Highlands Health Care Substance Abuse Counselor, reports, “The patient met the TP goals and happily relocated with their family away from drugs and alcohol”. Miller was able to help send referrals to providers within the same scope of expertise to help the patient maintain the Maintenance Stage of change for their 6 months abstinent.

“Missouri Highlands Health Care made this possible for this patient and has for many more in similar situations”. –Johnny Miller, CRADC