Telehealth Appointments Available with Missouri Highlands Health Care

March 23, 2020

ATTENTION Missouri Highlands Health Care Patients!
Missouri Highlands Health Care is now providing Telehealth appointments. Telehealth is live interactive video conferencing and/or voice phone call. If you need an appointment with any of our medical clinics, please call your clinic to provide them with your email address. These appointments require your email address.

Annapolis Family Clinic- 573-598-4213
Big Springs Medical Clinic (Van Buren)- 573-323-4253
Doniphan Family Clinic- 573-996-2136
Ellington Family Clinic- 573-663-2525
Iron County Medical Clinic- 573-546-0602
MO Highlands Medical (Poplar Bluff)- 573-785-6536
Naylor Medical Clinic- 573-399-2311
Shannon County Medical Clinic- 573-226-5505
Viburnum Medical Clinic- 573-244-5406
MO Highlands Wayne County (Piedmont)- 573-223-4800