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Color Out Stigma Color Run 2023

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Step into the vibrant world of Missouri Highlands Health Care’s Color Out Stigma Color Run in Poplar Bluff, Missouri! 

This event was more than just a run – it was a dynamic stride towards ending HIV stigma and promoting understanding, all while embracing the spirit of community. With the values of unity and support at its core, Missouri Highlands Health Care hosted this event to boldly stand against the prejudice and negative attitudes that surround HIV stigma. 

But what exactly is HIV stigma? HIV stigma is the unfair judgment and negative beliefs aimed at people with HIV. It’s a barrier we’re committed to breaking down together. By engaging in open conversations about HIV, we’re working to normalize the dialogue and dispel the myths that perpetuate stigma. Raising awareness and sharing accurate information are vital steps in eradicating stigma for good. 

Our journey includes updating our understanding of HIV, dispelling misconceptions, and helping those living with HIV lead lives without fear of judgment. Through vibrant colors and an atmosphere of camaraderie, we not only had fun, but we also sent a powerful message of unity and compassion. 

Together, let’s pave the way to end HIV stigma, one step at a time. For more information about HIV stigma and prevention, visit the CDC website. 

Join Missouri Highlands Health Care and countless others in making a difference.

August 12, 2023