Naylor Inside Remodel 2023

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Naylor Inside Remodel

We have finished our inside remodel at our Naylor location. We are excited for this fresh new look! Missouri Highlands Health Care has been serving the community of Naylor since 2005. We are proud to be in the community and honored to have Brad Davis, FNP as our medical provider for Naylor. Brad was born and raised in Naylor and lived there for 39 years. His parents have operated the local ambulance service since 1975. Brad’s roots run deep in the community of Naylor, MO. 
In the past year, Missouri Highlands Health Care has opened a School Based Health Clinic in the Naylor R-2 School District. We will help keep kids in school and guardians at work by proving medical services to students and staff of Naylor R-2 school. We are excited to have Holly Burns, FNP-BC on campus to provide medical services! Learn more by clicking this link